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What location should I host my VPS in?

This is often the dilemma for people to determine where they should host.  It depends on your unique situation and if most of your audience is from a particular area.

For most cases, it doesn’t matter what country or area you host in, as long as the connectivity is good.  However, in practice there are always different areas and countries that may not have efficient routing or reliable connectivity tosome parts of the world (it’s just the nature of the internet).

There are also some SEO considerations to be had, a site hosted in a certain country tends to do better in search results of the country it is hosted in.  If your business is primarily local to a certain area you definitely need to host in your home area for optimum results and also to deliver quicker loading speeds for local users.

If your audience is world-wide then you need to find a neutral place, and in our experience that is usually in North America but also depends on your security and privacy requirements.  Hosting your data and content off-shore is a much better idea but keep in mind if not properly encrypted it could still be intercepted in transit when it goes through a PRISM country (the ones that intercept and monitor all data and traffic).

If security and privacy is not a concern then North America makes the most sense and is fairly neutral to Europe and Asia.  Canada is a great location, especially the Toronto area because of excellent world-wide connectivity from TORIX.  The US is good but you need to pick the most neutral location you can find.  This may sound strange but anywhere from the Mid-West to the East US often seems to have the best overall speeds to more places.  The West Coast USA is mainly good for lower pings to Asia but often is not much better in terms of pings or speeds which is why many choose to host further inland, especially since the US West Coast is in an earthquake zone.

We don’t recommend Europe unless your audience is primarily there but if you did choose Europe, the UK is the main hub and fiber entry into that area.  For more security consider heading further East in Europe but remember most countries aside from Russia are essentially under the jurisdiction of other foreign governments.

We don’t recommend Asia for the same reason unless you are looking to be off-shore or most of your users are in Asia.  Most of Asia is dominated to routing through the US and privacy should not be expected unless you host in China (but be warned that you must follow the laws there to expect that privacy).  Asia is a strange place though with a lot of areas, countries and ISPs being very expensive and some with little international routing or connectivity (and expect to pay a premium to get it).  Most people in Asia will often choose Hong Kong, with the benefit of some providers having direct connectivity to Mainland China (a great way to reach that market without any licensing or restrictions).  What’s more, if you get a good provider in Hong Kong the worldwide and Asia connectivity can be quite good, but be warned most providers in Hong Kong are local bandwidth primarily which means overseas and even China speeds will not be good unless you pick a premium provider.  Especially be aware that most providers in Hong Kong actually route through the US to get to China (to save money)!

We hope the considerations above help you choose your location.  There are many other issues that come into play but at the end of the day make sure you get a good provider and you should be alright.

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