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Review of Techrich Corporation Hong Kong, China Based Cloud VPS and Dedicated Server Provider

Techrich Corporation Limited is based in Hong Kong China and has recently opened up a brand new data center in Hong Kong with diverse fiber routes to HKIX (Hong Kong Internet Exchange), multiple providers including direct China peering via China Telecom and Unicom according to Techrich CEO Areeb Soo Yasir.  They say they’ve spared no expense in their infrastructure and hardware and are a leader in the world IT market.

About Techrich Corporation

What makes Techrich different is that not only do they do everything in-house but they also combine their hosting services with IT services, everything from Advanced Managed Support, Database Management, IT Support, Software Development etc.. they can handle almost any project and give you excellent advice.

Testing HK and CN VPs from Techrich

Our hands on testing was based on their Hong Kong VPS Offerings and China VPS Offerings which allowed us to test the direct China connectivity.  Tests from the Hong Kong side to China gave us ping times between 10ms and 45ms on average depending on the region of China.  We saw nearly identical times from the China VPS side to Hong Kong which definitely proves the direct connectivity.  A lot of providers in Hong Kong including some large players like Softlayer actually have no peering with China for cost saving reasons (China bandwidth is very expensive).

Hong Kong Test Results

Hong Kong is often chosen as a destination not only because of China but because of it’s central and safe location in Asia, combined with it being politically and economically strong have made it a haven for data storage, data protection and is essentially a sensible off-shore and uncensored hosting location with no restrictions (including no GFW).  Hong Kong itself is not only a tourist destination but we’re seeing more and more that it is “the IT destination” in Asia due to the above factors and combined with having the lowest ping to Mainland China makes it a must have in our books especially if you are doing business in China.

China Test Results

On the China side of things and to the world we saw pings as low as 150ms to California but during peak times this creeps and we are told this is mainly due to China bandwidth congestion and also overseas congestion (providers on the US side only have so much bandwidth to China as well).  At the end of the day we did find their bandwidth in China was one of the best we have tested and clearly they have backbone access to international bandwidth.  Much like Hong Kong not having China peering, actually many hosts in China have virtually no international bandwidth or a very low priority.  So to find good bandwidth in China is refreshing.

Final Notes on Techrich

Techrich is priced very well if not very low especially considering typically we’ve seen much higher prices in Hong Kong and China for non-premium providers and for service which didn’t include Direct China peering or International China bandwidth.  With this aggressive pricing and level of service we think it is an excellent value from a Premium Provider in terms of Cloud VPS offerings in Hong Kong and Mainland China.  The added value and peace of mind is that they have Engineers and Consultants who can perform almost any IT task should the need arise which is a huge advantage.

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